Hinshaw has substantial experience with federal, state, county and local governmental activities and policymaking. Our Government and Administrative Affairs Practice attorneys have a unique understanding of government as the core of their career experience is derived from high-level government service. Hinshaw’s attorneys have served as U.S. Attorneys, Assistant U.S. Attorneys, State’s Attorneys and counsel to federal and state agencies and members of government, including as Chief Legal Counsel to former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar.

Additionally, we have served as Deputy Governor of Illinois, legal counsel to the Illinois House Republican staff, Chief Counsel for the Illinois Department of Transportation, Chief Legal Counsel for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Acting Director of the Illinois Division of Aeronautics, Administrator of the Illinois Gaming Board, and on various state and local task forces.

Hinshaw's attorneys serve as Special Assistant Attorneys General, Special Assistant State’s Attorneys and Special Assistant Corporation Counsel. We have also served as hearing officers with the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois Capital Development Board and the Illinois Commerce Commission. Our attorneys include a former administrative law judge for the Illinois Department of Public Health and legal advisor to the Deputy Clerk of the Illinois Court of Claims. The insights obtained through this experience enable Hinshaw's Government and Administrative Affairs team to determine the most effective representation strategy for their clients.

Hinshaw is highly experienced in all aspects of local government organization and operations, including general and bond elections, election contests, conflict of interest laws applicable to local government officers and contracts, annexations, budgets and appropriations, meeting requirements and parliamentary procedure, and publication requirements for legal notices. We have worked with Illinois bonding authorities, pension funds, state police, Department of Corrections, the Criminal Justice Information Authority, Police Training Board, the Industrial Commission and the Illinois Gaming Board.

For municipal clients, we provide counsel on environmental issues and legislative advocacy services, including drafting legislation, lobbying before governmental entities, working with legislatures in promoting legislative changes and securing government funding assistance. We also have broad experience in both federal and state courts defending municipalities, police officers, cities, counties, and elected and appointed employees and officials against charges of civil rights violations.

Our attorneys publish and lecture extensively on all aspects of governmental law, authoring the treatise "Illinois Municipal Tort Liability," a publication often cited by federal courts and the Illinois Supreme Court, which focuses on liability issues facing units of government and public officials in state and federal litigation.

We represent companies before all levels of government, and have significant experience in handling bid protests, claims and defective pricing litigation in the federal courts. Hinshaw has assisted major defense contractors in preparing voluntary disclosures to federal agencies, including the FBI, Office of Inspector General and the U.S. Department of Defense, and has represented several companies in handling whistleblower claims and qui tam actions.

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