Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP has a longstanding commitment to ensuring that our firm reflects the diversity of the world in which we practice. We encourage all of our attorneys to develop mindfulness of how they contribute to the ecosystem of life, our respective networks, and the activities impact directly and indirectly. This also lends opportunities for all our attorneys to participate in organizations and associations that enhance their professional, civic and cultural development. Hinshaw's affinity networks help provide a source of internal community, internal cultural education, and external community engagement. They engage these groups of attorneys with the legal and business communities, sponsoring, presenting and attending events as well as supporting causes of concern to their respective communities. Hinshaw believes that encouraging and supporting our attorneys in diversity efforts creates positive business, economic and social consequences for our firm and the communities we serve.

We focus on three-fold objectives:

We are proud to share that Hinshaw has committed to the following impactful DE&I initiatives:

Mansfield 5.0 Certification

2022 LCLD Compass Award

Annual DEI Report

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2021 LCLD Top Performer