Health care is complex, challenging and highly regulated. Hinshaw has solutions.  

Hinshaw's health care practice began when the traditional health insurance model was the only model, and data privacy meant keeping patient records under lock and key. Since then, we have built strong, decades-long relationships with for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and other providers. Drawing on our experience and foresight, we can help you minimize business and regulatory risks—and maximize opportunities—through every transition in the industry.

Simply put, our lawyers know health care. From HMOs to ACOs, from volume- to value-based reimbursement, and from HIPAA to HITECH, we deliver forward-thinking solutions that help you manage day-to-day operations while laying the groundwork for long-term success.

We provide cost-effective counsel in seven key areas:

  • Legislative, regulatory, and market uncertainties are creating increased risk of commercial disputes and government investigations. We take firm defensive action to help you minimize the threat of litigation and resolve conflicts with patients, insurers, regulators, and law-enforcement officials.
  • The health care industry is in a period of rapid consolidation. We provide comprehensive transactional counsel and acquisition due diligence, as well as guidance on tax issues facing for-profit and tax-exempt organizations.
  • Federal and state agencies are increasing their scrutiny on potential fraud and abuse, self-referrals, and other issues. We deliver regulatory, compliance, and self-disclosure counsel and represent you in administrative hearings and appeals.
  • Electronic health records (EHR) have shifted from a recommended tool to government mandate, exposing providers to numerous risks. We counsel you on the full intellectual property spectrum of health information technology, privacy and security concerns.
  • The Affordable Care Act and other legislation have increased demand for health care services—and placed growing demands on health care organizations. We provide you with effective guidance on operational, accreditation, and other business issues.
  • Rapidly emerging health care delivery models mean new responsibilities for health care professionals—and new challenges for employers. We provide broad-spectrum human resources counsel to help clients manage relationships with unions, executives and employees; ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and provide competitive employee benefit programs.
  • In their pursuit of more effective drugs, treatments and services, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and pharmacists face significant regulatory hurdles. Hinshaw lawyers with deep pharmacy experience help clients overcome legal, financial, and business challenges.

In addition to industry-specific concerns, health care providers must address the same business challenges facing any organization. Together with experienced lawyers from across all of Hinshaw's core practices, we provide responsive, efficient solutions to commonly held business concerns, without losing sight of the unique, complex challenges, and opportunities of this ever-evolving industry.

Health Care: Our Clients

Hinshaw represents clients from across the health care spectrum, including:

  • Hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, critical-access hospitals
  • Managed care plans, physician hospital organizations (PHOs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), independent practice associations (IPAs)
  • Physician organizations, including:
    • Medical groups
    • Foundations
    • Community clinics
    • Federally qualified health centers
    • Retail clinics
    • Urgent care clinics
  • Ancillary service providers:
    • Ambulatory surgery
    • Diagnostic imaging
    • Dialysis
    • Durable medical equipment
    • Home health care
    • Hospice
    • Laboratory
    • Orthotics and prosthetics
    • Therapy (physical, occupational, speech)
    • Sleep study
  • Pharmacies:
    • Pharmacists
    • Pharmacy Technicians
    • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
    • Wholesale Distributors
    • Manufacturers
    • Hospital/Health Systems
    • Medicare Part D Plans
  • Post-acute and long-term care:
    • Assisted living
    • Nursing homes
    • Rehab centers
    • Long-term acute care
  • Home Health  
  • Individual health care professionals:
    • Physicians
    • Dentists
    • Pharmacists
    • Optometrists
    • Chiropractors
    • Podiatrists
    • Physician assistants
    • Nurse practitioners
    • Other licensed care providers
  • Practice management
  • Organ donor registries and transplant organizations
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