Quality. Efficiency. Results. Hinshaw's client-service philosophy matches your patient-care goals. 

Excellence in patient care and excellence in business are two sides of the same health care coin. Whether implementing programs to reduce chronic illnesses in your community, developing strategies to attract and retain experienced medical staff, or eliminating unnecessary costs and overhead, you understand that quality and efficiency are key to achieving positive results. 

At Hinshaw, our experienced lawyers understand the complex regulatory, legal and business issues that affect your organization's ability to compete and thrive in a challenging health care marketplace. We advise clients at every step and on the full range of operational issues, from properly structuring entities, negotiating key transactions, and handling staff review and disciplinary matters, to ensuring compliance with key laws and regulations regarding privacy, electronic health records, billing and reimbursements, plan enrollment, telemedicine, and other emerging issues.

Our team is deeply versed in the numerous federal and state laws and regulations that govern the delivery of health care services. We regularly help clients on day-to-day issues such as obtaining and maintaining provider licensure, certification and accreditation, and establishing and conducting quality assessment and improvement activities. We work closely with key executives, boards, medical directors, administrative and information technology leadership, and other key staff to minimize compliance risks, maximize returns, and ensure high-quality care.

We know that no provider operates in a vacuum. Our lawyers also help clients negotiate agreements and contracts with vendors, suppliers, service providers, pharmaceutical and medical-device companies, educational institutions, and the broad network of clinics, hospitals, and research institutions that regularly collaborate to provide services to patient populations. 

We regularly advise clients on the following: 

  • Corporate governance, ethics, and social responsibility
  • Medicare and Medicaid matters, including enrollment, reimbursements, audits, and self-disclosure
  • Risk management, and liability issues
  • Physician recruitment, compensation, continuing education, discipline, and licensure issues
  • Medical staff affairs, including bylaws, peer reviews, credentialing, and dispute resolution
  • Labor and employment matters, including union negotiations, grievances, and employee benefits
  • Changes of ownership, sales, acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures
  • Antitrust, price-fixing, and related compliance issues
  • Pharmacy regulations, compliance, and licensure

A number of our lawyers are also experienced health care litigators. We help clients resolve disputes with patients, other providers, insurers, and federal and state agencies.

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