Today, more than ever, businesses and their owners are finding themselves in need of legal counsel that is knowledgeable, experienced and highly skilled in navigating through and around the seemingly endless complexities of federal, state, county and local governments. The attorneys in Hinshaw's Government Practice can help. Many of these lawyers and others in the firm have served as government leaders, administrators, and decision makers at the federal, state and local levels of government and are consequently well versed in government procedures and operations. This governmental leadership experience allows us to aggressively protect and advance our clients' business and political interests within the various government structures across the United States.

Hinshaw's Government Practice attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in advising clients regarding issues surrounding government procurement law and regulation at the federal, state, county and local level. We use this knowledge and experience to assist our clients in drafting and organizing bid responses to requests for proposals and formulating and drafting contract award protests, and to defend clients cited by a government entity for an alleged failure to comply with existing federal, state or local law, statute or ordinance. We also help our clients acquire disadvantaged business certification from certifying government entities.

Following are more details on our capabilities to help businesses in matters concerning government contracts and procurement.


  • Advising and formulating bid and contract award protests
  • Defending clients faced with suspension or debarment
  • Formulating responses to requests for proposal and qualifications
  • Government procurement laws and procedures

General Governance

  • Business consulting
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Licensure
  • Permitting procedures and acquisition
  • Regulatory compliance

Contractor Set-Aside Programs

Hinshaw's Government Practice attorneys are highly skilled in the field of government disadvantaged contractor set-aside programs. Notably, our knowledge, experience and expertise in government affairs translates into direct savings of time and money to our clients because we are skilled in determining the path of least resistance in resolving issues faced by our clients in the areas of regulatory compliance, permitting and legislative affairs. Following are some of the activities as to which we help businesses in this area.

  • Assisting clients in responding to preliminary and permanent certification denials
  • Assisting with corporate ownership and control re-alignment
  • Certification application review, organization and submittal
  • Certification eligibility audits
  • Defending clients faced with suspension or debarment as a vendor in "good standing"
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