The Hinshaw Caregiver Circle Employee Resource Group (HCC ERG) serves as an internal platform to recognize and help better equip employees with unique caregiving roles to balance their professional responsibilities.

The mission of HCC is to:

Hinshaw takes an expansive view of the caregiving role to include children, older adults, persons with illnesses, and children and adults with extraordinary needs.

Each of the firm's affinity networks play a key role in Hinshaw's diversity, equity and inclusion program by advancing a three-fold strategy:

  1. Connect – members of affinity groups cultivate relationships with one another that provides a forum for internal networking and external recruiting.
  2. Serve – members of affinity groups utilize their platform in the firm to leverage ways to make impact in the community and partner with clients in doing the same.
  3. Inform – members of affinity groups promote internal awareness of challenges and opportunities unique to particular diverse groups.

The HCC ERG receives leadership support from partner Adam Guetzow and Chief People Officer Suzanne Jakstavich.