Hinshaw's Environmental Service Area conducts a broad-based and sophisticated national practice that covers the field of environmental law. We help businesses and individuals resolve complex environmental problems and develop comprehensive plans to manage environmental activities across multiple locations. We likewise represent clients in federal and state courts, and before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state administrative bodies.

Clean Air Act

Our environmental attorneys provide pragmatic, sound counsel on permitting and rulemaking issues, in negotiated disclosures, and in response to agency investigations, administrative enforcement and litigation related to the Clean Air Act. We routinely assist with enforcement defense in both administrative and court settings.

Clean Water Act

We counsel clients on the full range of federal and state water quality protection issues involving wetlands and water discharges, resources and usage. Beyond defending businesses accused of legal violations or subject to enforcement actions or civil suits, our talents include providing assistance with crafting strategic planning activities, developing pollution prevention plans, negotiating and resolving wetland- and permitting-related matters.

Environmental Litigation

We represent clients in federal and state environmental litigation in jurisdictions across the United States. This includes providing counsel in civil and criminal environmental enforcement cases, and in actions involving brownfields, coastal zone management, indoor air quality, OSHA rules, surface mining laws, toxic torts and underground storage tank rules.

Greenhouse Gas, Energy Supply and Climate Change Regulation

Hinshaw's environmental attorneys are in the forefront of lawyers nationally in dealing with the challenges of climate change law and related energy and environmental regulations. We understand the science issues and can advise clients on GHG reporting needs, defend claims of harm from greenhouse gas emissions, and counsel on credits, allotments, offsets and permitting. We also are experienced in siting issues for alternative energy sources, such as wind farms. Our team follows closely the progress of legislation and the regulatory developments in this emerging area of environmental and energy law.

Indoor Air Quality

Construction and design professionals, managers and property owners, manufacturers and others rely on Hinshaw for representation in the full range of environmental actions related to structural interiors and structural integrity. Our vast experience includes handling matters involving asbestos, claims for disability accommodation, construction defects, mold, personal injuries and "sick buildings." Keen to preempt problems for our clients, we also help businesses assess risks and draft Indoor air quality management plans.

National Security Issues

At Hinshaw, we have considerable experience helping businesses comply with environmental laws that, in the post-9/11 world, have national security components. Specifically, our environmental attorneys have assisted clients with: understanding the impact of new legislation; developing internal risk identification and response programs, U.S. Department of Homeland Security registration and reporting requirements for sensitive manufacturing and other operations; and properly handling competing requirements that require and prohibit public disclosures.

Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA)

Our talented employment and environmental attorneys provide comprehensive counsel and representation on federal and state employment-related health safety and security issues to varied businesses. We commonly assist our clients with crafting disaster responses, complying with OSHA inspections and citations, developing compliance programs, and meeting required workplace standards and reporting requirements.

Real Estate, Brownfields and Site Remediation

We provide sensible representation in matters concerning contaminated buildings, groundwater and soil. Specifically, our environmental attorneys have experience with asbestos, explosive gases, hazardous waste disposal and leaking underground storage tanks, among other issues. We also help our clients evaluate remediation alternatives; resolve clean-up related matters; address site contamination; and, where possible, eliminate uncertainties and potential liabilities involved in buying property.

Siting, Land Use & Natural Resources

Attorneys in our Environmental and Real Estate Service Areas counsel clients on a broad range of facility siting, land use and natural resources issues. We have experience assisting businesses with, among other activities: permitting; the building of new plants and plant expansions; federal and state agency decisions under NEPA and state counterpart laws and the related environmental impact analysis and review process; mining; and energy resource development.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

We provide businesses with prudent advice on the full range of federal and state matters relating to waste management; Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance and enforcement; and underground storage tank removal procedures. We are especially familiar with waste issues in the chemicals, general manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas sectors. This enables us to better assist clients in interpreting waste minimization and use/reuse recycling provisions of the RCRA regulations.

Superfund and SARA

Our environmental attorneys provide wide-ranging counsel on matters related to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). Specifically, we advise on cost recovery actions and clean-up orders; respond to governmental information requests; negotiate consent decrees or administrative orders regarding site study and cleanup; monitor the remedial investigation/feasibility study process; prosecute cost recovery claims; and select and manage technical consultants and experts.

Toxic Tort Defense

Nationally recognized as leaders in defending businesses in multidistrict and class action toxic tort cases, we have decades of experience in litigating the health and property effects of biological and chemical substances. For several of our clients, we serve as national or regional toxic tort defense counsel. These matters often have a major business-related impact. Understanding this, we implement budgeting, communications and cost-containment criteria designed to enhance our efficient and skilled representation.

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