Hinshaw Partners to Present at the Global Access Annual Conference 2024

March 12-14, 2024
London, U.K.

Hinshaw partners Bessie Daschbach, John DeLascio, Greg Lahr, and Jason Schulze are scheduled to participate as faculty at the Global Access Annual Conference from March 12 to March 14, 2024. The conference will consider:

On March 12th, Lahr will co-present "Artificial Intelligence," and discuss AI and related implications of coverage and litigation issues.

The team is also scheduled to present on March 13th. Schulze will co-present as part of a global panel titled "Forever Chemicals," to discuss PFAS and forever chemicals, a major emerging environmental risk, and current and future positions across different jurisdictions. Daschbach will chair an international panel to discuss "Environmental Litigation," focusing on the latest developments and landmark environmental cases and how the environmental landscape could develop in 2024, including in the context of climate litigation as well as greenwashing enforcement actions and litigation.

On March 14th, DeLascio will co-present as part of a panel titled "Coverage Disputes," tackling coverage disputes and how this varies between jurisdictions.

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