Lawyers from our Litigation Management group serve as legal ethics and legal fee experts and advise law firms, clients and consumers of legal fees on every aspect of litigation cost containment encompassing:

  • Expert witness testimony in the evaluation of legal fees in fee shifting cases.
  • Expert witness evaluation and allocation of legal fees in cases involving insurance coverage issues.
  • Advice to law firms on ethical and efficient billing practices to maximize recovery of legal fees.
  • Advice and legal fee evaluation for clients who are contractually responsible for indemnifying third parties for attorneys' fees in significant litigation.
  • Drafting and modification of legal fee billing guidelines for clients who are regularly engaged in litigation.
  • Consultation and legal support for law firms involved in cases in which the evaluation of legal fees is an issue.
  • Advice and recommendations in internal law firm investigations regarding the firm's own billing practices.
  • Professional responsibility advice regarding the billing of legal fees.
  • Litigation management services (including management of ongoing litigation and cost control for clients involved in complex or multi-district litigation.)

Our lawyers in the Litigation Management group are nationally recognized for their expertise in the evaluation of the reasonableness and necessity of legal fees and costs. We have provided litigation management expert testimony, analysis and consultation in a wide variety of significant national cases including national class action matters; intellectual property litigation; pharmaceutical litigation; civil right litigation; MDL-coordinated national mass tort litigation; director & officers' liability cases; professional errors and omissions cases; national breast implant litigation, toxic tort cases, entertainment law matters, trademark and patent litigation, commercial contract disputes; environmental coverage disputes; recording royalty disputes and asbestos litigation. Our attorneys have:

  • Co-authored a significant treatise in the field entitled, "Insurance Practices and Coverage In Liability Defense," (2nd Ed., Walter Kluwer Publishing) which contains chapters on litigation management.
  • Lectured nationally and internationally on the topics of cost control in litigation.
  • Maintained a blog site on litigation management which has won awards for its content.

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