Mental Well-Being Resources for Lawyers During COVID-19

The Lawyers' Lawyer Newsletter – Special Edition

March 23, 2020

While skilled in handling high-pressure situations, attorneys are now being pushed like never before. Unforeseen and unforeseeable client needs arise each day, requiring immediate attention. Meanwhile, many lawyers have taken on a new second job: teaching their children during the day. All of this is happening in a new, unfamiliar, and rapidly changing economy, and a different geographical location, as many have started to work from home. While the beneficiaries of our duties are familiar, the bounds and scope of our duties seem to be increasing exponentially—yet our means to fulfill those duties is static at best, and often decreasing.

Risk Management Issue: What resources are available to help lawyers manage the stress and pressures arising from the response to COVID-19?

The ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs has published a list of resources titled "Mental Health Resources for the Legal Profession During COVID-19." We've compiled a selection of these resources below.

Lawyer Assistance Programs by State


Office Management and Leadership


Social Distancing

Staying Mentally Healthy


Substance Abuse Resources


Free, confidential 24/7 support for people in distress, along with prevention and crisis resources for oneself and others through the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-TALK or visit the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.

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