Anthony Antognoli Quoted in Daily Herald on Large Firms Joining Private Health Exchanges

November 20, 2013

Chicago — Anthony E. Antognoli, a Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP partner was quoted in a November 20, 2013 Daily Herald article titled "Big Suburban Firms Joining Private Health Exchanges."

The article discusses Walgreens' and other large firms recent decisions to move their employees to private health exchanges, and further discusses how this switch gives employees more health insurance options and reduces risks for employers. It also speculates the potential positives and negatives resulting from the switch.

Mr. Antognoli comments how participating in private exchanges can generally be thought as good things for employees. Antognoli says "By providing employees with a single lump-sum contribution to be used to purchase coverage on an exchange, employers may limit their health cost uncertainty and reduce or eliminate many of the administrative costs that come with maintaining a health plan." He also talks about how employers will have to make sure the plans are deemed "affordable" as defined by the Affordable Care Act.

Read the full article "Big Suburban Firms Joining Private Health Exchanges," in the Daily Herald.

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