Amy Fletcher is an advanced certified paralegal and received specialist certification in civil litigation. She assists attorneys with all aspects of complex litigation case files, from pre-trial to post-trial in state and federal courts.

Amy handles the preparation of discovery requests, disclosure statements, and subpoenas. She also drafts responses to pleadings and separate statements of facts supporting motion for summary judgment. She researches and conducts initial interviews with potential expert witnesses. When necessary, Amy also performs legal research, conducts verdict analysis, summarizes results, and reviews and organizes documents.

She assists attorneys in preparation for depositions, trials, and oral arguments. She is adept with e-courtroom technology. In addition, Amy prepares questions for voir dire and actively participates in the jury selection.

Amy is proficient in a number of software programs such as Sanctions and Relativity to manage trial exhibits and document production, respectively.

Her post-trial experience includes preparing proposed judgments, verified statements of costs, applications for attorneys’ fees and costs, and affidavits of attorneys. From time to time, she assists in collection efforts to satisfy judgments.

Amy also works with attorneys in the appellate process for both Arizona state and federal courts, including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Amy joined Hinshaw in 2010. Previously she was a legal assistant at a national law firm for 14 years. Prior to her paralegal career, Amy worked for an international bank abroad for over ten years, where she was a senior officer.

Professional Affiliations

  • Arizona Paralegal Association
  • National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

Community/Civic Activities

Amy contributes to and participates in church fundraising efforts.

B.S., Criminal Justice (legal concentration), Alliant International University of San Diego, 2015

A.A., with honors, Paralegal, Phillips College, 1993