Wendy Wen Yun Chang Quoted in Article on a New Set of Proposed Revisions on California Professional Conduct Rules

July 13, 2016

Wendy Wen Yun Chang, a Los Angeles-based partner in the Lawyers for the Profession® group at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, was quoted in the article "Cal. Rules Redo Marries Borrowed Rules With Old and New" published by Bloomberg BNA in the ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct on July 11, 2016. 

The article discuses that the California State Bar is seeking feedback on a big set of proposed revisions to the rules governing lawyer conduct in the Golden State. The proposed rules mostly track the numbering of the Model Rules and borrow some of the substance of the ABA models, but rework or add to several rules and preserve some of California's current rules, including its strict confidentiality standards. Ms. Chang is quoted as saying "The Rules Revision Commission has worked extremely hard in order to have these proposed rules ready for public comment this summer, [t]hey are the result of rigorous debate and thoughtful analysis." Ms. Chang made it clear she was speaking with Bloomberg BNA only in her personal capacity and not on behalf of the commission.

Read the full article "Cal. Rules Redo Marries Borrowed Rules With Old and New" on the Bloomberg BNA website. A subscription is required. 

Wendy Wen Yun Chang represents lawyers in all types of complex matters that involve the practice of the law, including risk management counseling, ethics, crises management, fee related issues, discipline defense, hotline counseling, professional liability and litigation defense.

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