Guidance for Medical Practitioners on the Resumption of Elective Surgeries and Expansion of Non-Coronavirus Service Offerings

May 8, 2020
Health Care Alert

At hospitals throughout the country, doctors, mid-level providers, and nurses have been standing shoulder-to-shoulder with retired medical providers, volunteers, and even medical students on the front lines to battle the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. While aggressive medical management, social distancing, and quarantining has effectively flattened the curve in many areas of the United States, the healthcare industry is now confronted with a new set of challenges as it begins resumption of elective surgeries and an expansion of service offerings. In addition to hospitals, many ambulatory surgery centers, physician practice groups, and dental offices have now begun expanding patient care. In this return-to-care period, many questions have emerged about the medical risks facing patients and providers, practical considerations for offering medical services in the midst of a pandemic, how to manage scarcity of resources, and the litigation exposure providers may face as they seek to restore normal patient loads and practice levels.

Hinshaw health care attorneys have assembled the following publications which blend practical and technical legal guidance for medical practitioners to consider. Click the links below to learn more.