D.L. Morriss Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Analysis of Diversity in Law Firms

April 17, 2017

D.L. Morriss, a Chicago-based partner serving as the firm's Diversity and Inclusion Partner, was quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article titled "Are Big Law Associates Less Concerned with Diversity than Their Partners?" The article considers findings in a survey which indicated that younger attorneys value diversity and inclusion less than partners.

According to Morriss, the survey results likely reflect the fact that millennials grew up in a more diverse environment than senior partners did. "For many of these associates, [diversity and inclusion] issues are basically second nature," he said. "Older partners, by contrast, began their career in much less diverse surroundings, and therefore are more likely to be self-conscious about [it]."

Read the full article "Are Big Law Associates Less Concerned with Diversity than Their Partners?" on the Bloomberg BNA website (subscription required)

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