At Hinshaw, our attorneys who represent the accounting profession help accountants and accounting firms meet their business and professional goals. We do this by providing the experience-based, industry tailored representation that helps accountants organize and structure business activities and transactions, manage and resolve practice risks, and avoid or defend claims. Our lawyers include accountants, CPAs, and other lawyers who have advised accountants for years. These lawyers use their knowledge and experience to provide practical, effective advice and representation to accounting professionals.

Hinshaw represents accounting firms both as on-going, outside general relationship and on special projects. Services we regularly provide to accounting firms include:

  • Reviewing and advising on the business aspects of firm creation and operations; contracts, employment and personnel issues; and referral arrangements and marketing
  • Training on avoiding risk and serving clients ethically and efficiently Assisting in the transfer of accountants, accounting practices, and clients
  • Defending firms and their professionals in administrative proceedings, discovery, and litigation

Business and Professional Assistance

One feature that distinguishes our Accounting Profession focus group is that we help accounting firms address day-to-day business and professional activities, staying mindful of the risk management and professional ethics concerns specific to accountants. Whether you need training on professional ethics or risk management, advice on how to deal with problematic employees or clients, or guidance on structuring your firm or business transactions (including partnership agreements, selling or merging practices, or operational issues), Hinshaw’s lawyers have the experience and understanding to provide practical, effective legal services. We have helped accountants deal with legal issues that arise under regulations promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Internal Revenue Service, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other state, federal and professional regulatory bodies.

Hinshaw is also working with accounting firms and their insurers to provide resources and timely guidance on particular matters.

Proceedings Where Hinshaw Has Represented Accountants

For decades, Hinshaw has represented accountants and accounting firms in civil litigation in state and federal courts. But Hinshaw lawyers have also advised accountants involved in proceedings before numerous state and federal agencies and entities, including:

  • Applications for admission or renewal by state licensing boards
  • Defense of complaints brought before state disciplinary boards
  • Representation in Internal Revenue Service and Securities and Exchange Commission proceedings Assistance with criminal grand jury investigations

Cases or claims Hinshaw has handled before such boards and tribunals include:

  • Accounting malpractice and breach of contract
  • Allegations of breach of professional obligations such as independence, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality
  • Civil and criminal conspiracy Civil, mail, and wire fraud and misrepresentation
  • Employment discrimination and wrongful termination
  • Intentional interference with contracts
  • Unpaid fees or efforts to obtain disgorgement of fees
  • Retention orders and fee applications in bankruptcy

Our lawyers and this experience often make Hinshaw the law firm of choice for accountants or their insurers when a firm faces significant claims. Also, Hinshaw can handle these and other matters through coordinated teams that combine lawyers who understand the interests and needs of accounting professionals with lawyers whose practices focus on a broad range of legal issues, including bankruptcy, commercial transactions, employment, and securities and tax law or litigation.

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