How to Guard Against Proliferating COVID-19 Scams

March 18, 2020
Cyber Alert

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Risk Management Question

What precautions can lawyers, staff, and law firms take to avoid pandemic-related cyber scams?

The Issue

As the number of attorneys and law firm staff adopting social distancing and working from home increases, so do the related cyber risks. Hackers have well-rehearsed playbooks that seek to exploit distributed workforces using remote connections. As a result, lawyers and staff should be extra vigilant and take additional precautions.

Among other scams, hackers are circulating phony but legitimate looking:

These seemingly harmless and legitimate looking emails and attachments are loaded with malware which deploy remote access tools (RAT), keystroke logging malware, desktop image capturing malware, and ransomware. Hackers are looking to potentially gain control of law firm personnel's remote access into the firm, or encrypt computers and anything else the malware can reach.

Risk Management Solutions

Here are several steps lawyers and staff alike can take to protect themselves and their firm:

Now, more than ever, it's important to follow the classic Hill Street Blues' watch commander's advice: Let's be careful out there.