Bogus Charity Relief Scam is the Disaster that Keeps on Giving this Holiday Season

December 2, 2019
Cyber Alert

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Risk Management Question

How can you train your law firm employees to spot bogus charity and disaster relief requests?

The Issue

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday—one of the most popular days for charities to ask for donations. Natural disasters and severe weather events create opportunities for fraudsters to exploit the public's giving nature. Scammers are aware of this and send out their own fraudulent solicitations for donations. Watch for these techniques:

Risk Management Solutions

Remind employees to take these steps before donating to charities:

Consider contacting your state's charity regulator to verify an organization is registered to raise money. Above all else, educate your employees on a regular basis about how to spot and avoid bogus solicitations.

Happy Holidays from Hinshaw! And remember, always think before you click.