Hinshaw's Annual Guide to Key Illinois Medical Malpractice Litigation: 2020 Edition

December 17, 2020

In a year where COVID-19, social injustice protesting, a contested national election, and even murder hornets challenged our sense of normalcy, Illinois courts decided medical malpractice disputes befitting a truly unprecedented year—cases involving a patient who swallowed a dental appliance while kissing her boyfriend, a litigant who rendered medical aid to a jury who fell ill at trial, a reversal of a $50M trial verdict, and even a claim of res ipsa loquitor. In other respects, many of the opinions dealt with fairly "normal" legal issues that typically arise from medical malpractice litigation. They cover myriad topics relevant to medical malpractice lawyers throughout the state, including expert witness standards, trial practice, and civil procedure.

The opinions featured in this medical malpractice guide were selected with an eye toward inclusion, without regard to outcome or favorability to plaintiff or defendant. Given the survey nature of this guide, each succinct case summary focuses on the key legal issues, rather than addressing every legal issue raised on appeal.

We've organized these cases below according to the most pertinent issues. You can read more about each case by clicking on an individual link below.