Tom Luetkemeyer Discusses Workplace Wellness Programs in Kaiser Health News

October 5, 2018

Hinshaw's Tom Luetkemeyer was quoted in an article published by Kaiser Health News (KHN) titled "Blood, Sweat And Workplace Wellness: Where To Draw The Line On Incentives." The article discusses workplace programs that offer employees a "financial carrot" in return for providing personal health data. At issue is the appropriate limit on financial incentives at which employees might feel coerced into providing the data.

Luetkemeyer said that the line between voluntary disclosure and coercion is a matter of perspective. "You and I can look at the same incentive and you will find it's truly voluntary and I would say, given my financial circumstances, I feel I'm being compelled," he said.

Read "Blood, Sweat And Workplace Wellness: Where To Draw The Line On Incentives" on the KHN website.

The article was also published by NPR, various local public radio stations, and the many regional news outlets across the nation that use the KHN wire service.

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