In DRI Column, Cassidy Chivers Discusses Importance of "Minding the Gap" when an Attorney Relocates to Another State

January 24, 2020

While relocating to another state may be straightforward for most professionals, it's far from seamless for attorneys because of the risk of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. In a DRI For the Defense column titled "Moving 'House'? Mind the Gap," Cassidy Chivers explores the challenges that legal practitioners face when moving to a new state, and provides tips for what to do during the "lag time" that exists between seeking and gaining admission to the bar. As part of her discussion, Chivers reviews the American Bar Association's Model Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5 as well as legal precedent from cases in Arizona and California.

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"Moving 'House'? Mind the Gap," was published by DRI's For the Defense in December 2019.

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