Anthony Torrente Discusses Potential Causes Behind the Growing Cost of Mediated Settlements

July 5, 2022

Hinshaw partner Anthony Torrente—a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit/County Mediator—discussed an apparent trend of growing costs of mediated settlements in a Daily Business Review article titled, "Mediation or Trial? Report Shows Mediated Settlements Outprice Jury Verdicts."

Torrente reacted to recent research indicating that mediated settlements are growing in dollar amounts at a faster pace than non-mediated settlements, as well as the verdicts juries returned in civil trials. He said that a plaintiff lawyer tactic of using socially inflated jury verdict awards as the baseline during mediation was one potential source of rising mediation settlement costs. Notwithstanding this, Torrente opined that mediation remains the better avenue to achieving a settlement than a non-mediated settlement process, or a jury trial.

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"Mediation or Trial? Report Shows Mediated Settlements Outprice Jury Verdicts" was published by Daily Business Review on June 23, 2022.

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