Steven Puiszis Profiled in Article on his Presentation on Cyber Security at the IDC Conference

October 11, 2016

Steven M. Puiszis, a Chicago-based partner in the Lawyers for the Profession® group at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, was profiled in the article, "Defense attorneys instructed on lawfirm cyber security at IDC conference," published by the Madison County Record on October 11, 2016.

The article discusses Steve's advice to fellow litigators on how to improve cyber security in their law firms, noting that law firms are an increasingly popular target for hackers. The article also outlines the various issues he addressed during his presentation including common ways law firms are hacked and tips to prevent data breaches such as how to recognize a phishing email.

Read the full article, "Defense attorneys instructed on lawfirm cyber security at IDC conference," on the Madison County Record website.

Steve Puiszis is a well-known and highly experienced trial attorney and mediator with a wide-ranging litigation and trial practice. Mr. Puiszis serves as the firm’s Deputy General Counsel and also serves as Hinshaw's Privacy and Security Officer. He has written book chapters and made numerous presentations on security and strategy to mitigate law firm cyber risk. 

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