Vaishali Rao to Discuss Student Loan Servicing Challenges in the Age of COVID-19

February 10, 2021
Virtual Event

Chicago-based partner Vaishali Rao is scheduled to participate in an American Bar Association (ABA) webinar titled "Student Loan Servicing Challenges in the COVID-19 Context and Beyond," on February 10, 2021. Presented by the ABA's Consumer Financial Services Committee, the program will include discussions of student loan-related class actions and enforcement activity over the past year. Attendees will also learn about efforts by state legislatures around the country to grant state regulators oversight of student loan servicing entities and explore servicing challenges specific to private student loans, which are not subject to interest waivers or payment deferrals that apply to federal student loans under the CARES Act.

For more information and to register, visit the ABA website.