Hinshaw Attorneys to Present Wisconsin State Bar Seminar on Drafting More Effective Contracts

January 24, 2020
State Bar Center | Madison, Wisconsin

Connie Mayer, Blerta Mileti, Jane Schlicht, and Michael Weis will present as part of a CLE seminar titled "Drafting More Effective Contracts 2020," on January 24, 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to her role as a presenter, Schlicht will also serve as the program chair for the event. Hosted by the State Bar of Wisconsin, the seminar is ideal for a variety of legal practitioners, especially those seeking to expand their knowledge of contract drafting concepts.

A summary of the presentations is below:

Smart Contracting: Managing Sales-Side Contracting Risk
Presented by Michael Weis

Recent Developments in Drafting: Material Adverse Effect Terminations and Cybersecurity Considerations
Presented by Connie Mayer

Commercial Real Estate Transactions
Presented by Blerta Mileti

Non-Competition Clauses: Employers, Employees, and Other Contractors
Presented by Jane Schlicht

For more information and to register visit the State Bar of Wisconsin website.