Electronic Monitoring Notification and Consent Form Released

Long-Term Care Alert

February 3, 2016
Long-Term Care Alert

The Illinois Department of Public Health has released the Electronic Notification and Consent Form on Friday, January 29, 2016.

The Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act (Public Act 099-0430) permits a resident of a long-term care facility to conduct authorized electronic monitoring of her or his room through the use of an electronic monitoring device.

According to the form, if a resident wants to conduct electronic monitoring in her or his room, the resident must complete and sign the consent form. There is also a place for the resident's roommate to complete and sign, if applicable. Documentation of consent needs to be on file before an electronic monitoring device can be installed in the resident's room.

For guidance and training to ensure your facility's compliance, please contact David Alfini or Adam Guetzow.

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