Can the Mueller Investigation Break Even? David S. Weinstein Comments in USA Today

February 13, 2019

Hinshaw partner and former federal prosecutor David S. Weinstein spoke to reporter Kevin Johnson of USA Today regarding reports that federal authorities will soon begin selling off property and investments valued at $26.7 million that were forfeited by Paul Manafort as part of his plea agreement with special counsel Robert Mueller. The Mueller Investigation has posted costs of about $25 million to date.

Weinstein said it was "unusual" for a fraud investigation as complex as Mueller's to turn a profit:

"In (most) fraud cases, while there may be forfeitures, most of that money first goes towards restitution. In drug trafficking and money laundering cases, where there is no restitution and the government can actually recover the forfeited funds, those are cases where the government can hope to break even."

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"Yes, the Mueller investigation is costly. But the millions seized from Manafort have it on track to break even," was published by USA Today, February 12, 2019.

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