Hinshaw Discusses Potential Problems Posed by the CCPA to the Tripartite Relationship Between Insurer, Insured, and Law Firm

February 3, 2020

San Francisco-based attorney Joanna Storey discussed with Insurance News Net the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act on insurers and policyholders. In December, Hinshaw submitted comments to the California Attorney General on behalf of the insurance industry, arguing that the CCPA and its regulations could threatened the tripartite relationship between the insured, insurer, and law firms retained by an insurer to represent its insured.

Storey, who submitted the comment letter on the firm’s behalf, noted that plenty of insurers meet the criteria laid out by the CCPA and could be stymied by the rules. "In certain scenarios," she said, "the rule language covering 'Service Providers' . . . could make it impossible for the law firm to use in defense of a lawsuit any personal information that the carrier obtained during the claims review process."

Read "California Data Privacy Law Has Insurers Scrambling," on the Insurance News Net website

"California Data Privacy Law Has Insurers Scrambling," was published by Insurance News Net on January 22, 2020

Download Hinshaw's comment letter (PDF)

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