Corporate Counsel Magazine Reports on Remarks by Annmarie Giblin Regarding Cybersecurity Risks of Remote Work

August 12, 2022

Corporate Counsel magazine filed a report on remarks made by Hinshaw partner Annmarie Giblin in a recent LexisNexis webinar on commonly overlooked areas of cybersecurity that put companies at risk of noncompliance. According to the report, Giblin noted that working remotely can create significant cybersecurity risks, especially when employees work from unsecured Wi-Fi networks. “We hear stories about people working from the beach or working in Starbucks and not having the tools to do that securely,” she said. “These soft spots still remain, and they become a really big issue as far as what type of cybercrimes are happening.”

Giblin and her fellow panelists also said that increasing regulation of data collection and storage is making cybersecurity compliance more difficult. They explained that data security in the United States is regulated by data type, which can lead to different business units having control over different sets of sensitive data. Giblin described efforts to educate lawmakers on how to develop effective cybersecurity legislation as an "uphill battle."

Finally, Giblin noted that basic cyber-hygiene should apply to any company. “It’s horrifying when we go into a really sophisticated institution, and there’s not even a response plan,” she said. “You can’t do that anymore.”

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"'Cyber-Hygiene' Can Help Companies Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals" was published by Corporate Counsel, August 12, 2022.

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