Hinshaw's Russ Klingaman Cited in Wikipedia Article about Wright Brothers Patent War

February 21, 2018

Russ Klingaman, a partner in Hinshaw's Milwaukee office, is cited in a Wikipedia article describing the Wright brothers' patent war. After their historic flights at Kitty Hawk, the Wright brothers were granted a patent for their method of flight control. When Glenn Curtiss started flying, the Wright brothers sued him and others for patent infringement. Klingaman has conducted extensive research on the Wright brothers' "Flying Machine" patent and how they enforced it through numerous lawsuits between 1909 and the start of World War 1. The story of Klingaman's research is a fascinating look at one of the nation's most significant patent cases and its impact on world history. Klingaman has delivered a series of lectures about his research.

Klingaman is cited in the Wikipedia article for identifying examples of business mistakes made by the parties in the Curtiss lawsuit; and professional misconduct involving the attorneys and the judge.

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Klingaman's practice includes aviation law and intellectual property. He is a past-President of the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association and teaches Aviation Law at Marquette University Law School. He has experience with a broad range of aviation legal matters including accident liability and FAA enforcement actions. He is an aircraft owner and pilot with over 26 years of flying experience.

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