Hinshaw's Royal Oakes Discusses California Bill Which Would Prohibit Confidentiality Provisions in Settlements Involving Sexual Misconduct Allegations in the Workplace

January 18, 2018

Hinshaw's Los Angeles-based partner Royal Oakes was quoted in the Law360 article titled "Calif. Bill Bars Secret Settlements in Sex Misconduct Cases." The article discusses a California bill authored by state Senator Connie M. Leyva which would "prohibit someone accused of sexual assault, harassment or discrimination in the workplace from settling allegations with an agreement that includes a confidentiality provision," and some potential unintended consequences of the proposed law.

Oakes noted that confidentiality can be a key element in resolving a case. "A lot of times parties are reluctant to settle but they're willing to do so if they can be assured that will be the end of it: people won't disparage each other in public and the terms of the settlements aren't disclosed," Oakes said.

Read "Calif. Bill Bars Secret Settlements In Sex Misconduct Cases," on the Law360 website (subscription required)

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