Media Summary: David S. Weinstein Talks to National Media Outlets about Rosenstein, Mueller Investigation

September 26, 2018

Hinshaw attorney and former federal prosecutor David S. Weinstein discussed in several national media outlets the potential impact on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation were Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be fired by President Donald Trump. There has been much speculation in the press about Rosenstein's job security, following a "bombshell" report in the New York Times last week in which sources said Rosenstein had considered wearing a wire to record the President, an allegation Rosenstein has strongly denied.

Politico (September 21) – DOJ's Rosenstein, allies deny he considered secretly recording Trump

While the Mueller investigation has no deadline, former FBI Director James Comey recently suggested in a radio interview that it may now be "in the fourth quarter" – in other words, the investigation may be nearing an end. However, Weinstein cautioned that firing Rosenstein could change that timeline: "a change in supervisors could actually prolong things."

Politico (September 24) – What Rosenstein's ouster would mean for Mueller

Weinstein said the tumult at DOJ raises "more questions than answers." One of the issues involves the scope of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal from the Mueller probe. Weinstein suggested that Mueller might try to complete his work "before all the moves take place."

Law360 (September 25) – How the Mueller Investigation Could Look Without Rosenstein

Attempts to interfere or dismantle the Mueller investigation could trigger calls for another special prosecutor to appointed, said Weinstein: "You're sort of back to square one, which is why … as opposed to prolonging this and creating another investigation, creating another crisis, it would be best to let it run its course."

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