Media Coverage of Hinshaw Legal Team Representing Former LaSalle County State Attorney Brian Towne

July 20, 2017

The representation of former La Salle County State Attorney Brian Towne by a Hinshaw legal team consisting of Chicago partners Bob Shannon, Bill Roberts and Adam Vaught has been the subject of several press reports. Towne is the subject of a lawsuit filed by current La Salle County State's Attorney Karen Donnelly regarding alleged misuse use of drug forfeiture money. In a June 12th filing, Towne filed a request for a special prosecutor to investigate this spending, stating that subpoenas were being issued by Donnelly in a grand jury investigation related to him.

Here is a summary of the media coverage:

The Times notes that Towne's Hinshaw legal team includes Bill Roberts, "one of the Midwest's top white-collar attorneys" and also notes that Towne's lead attorney – Bob Shannon – has served as litigation counsel for the Major League Baseball team Chicago White Sox for more than a decade, and "concentrates his practice on counseling elected officials and public entities."

Read "Ex-state's attorney wants special prosecutor; believes he's subject of grand jury investigation" on The Times website

In another story by The Times, Shannon is quoted as saying that Towne does not want to "impede any investigation," but wants it to be "free of conflict and personal interest." "The stakes are too high and too risky," Shannon continued. "Ms. Donnelly is overly eager to hang onto this investigation and cannot continue objectively."

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The News Tribune filed a story, in which Vaught is quoted as arguing that Donnelly has an inherent bias in the investigation. "Justice is not done by saying, 'I'm going to prove myself right later,'" Adam said, adding that, "The investigation isn't complete, but they've already decided what they're going to do against (Towne)."

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