David Levitt Sheds Light on the Intersection of Websites and Copyright Laws

July 17, 2017

Chicago-based Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP partner David Levitt recently wrote an article titled "State of Flux: Website and Copyright Law" published by DRI's In-House Defense Quarterly. In the article, Levitt explains the importance of understanding how a company's website and copyright law intersect and the potential risks that can arise.

Levitt begins by outlining The Copyright Act, noting that the understanding of how website and copyright law work together requires a basic understanding of the copyright concepts that apply to websites. He also speaks to why ownership matters and discusses copyright infringement litigation issues highlighted in website claims. "The landscape for copyright law as applied to websites is in a state of flux," Levitt cautions, "it is in the interest of all involved in creation and management of websites and their content to act mindfully."

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