Blair Titcomb Provides Insight on How to Defend TICR Claims in DRI For the Defense Magazine

January 31, 2018

Hinshaw attorney Blair Titcomb wrote an article titled "Defending Professionals against Tortious Interference with Contract Claims," published in DRI's January 2018 issue of For the Defense magazine. In her article, Titcomb discusses methods of attacking tortious interference with contractual relations (TICR) claims brought against a professional who had provided an assessment of rights and duties under a contract that was later terminated or breached.

In order to attack a TICR claim, Titcomb recommends that defense attorneys begin by excising conclusory allegations that characterize the professional's actions—such as "malicious," "wrongful," or "intentional." She also suggests arguing that the professional provided advice within their contractual scope, attacking mixed-motive allegations, and undercutting mistake-concealment allegations.

Read the full article "Defending Professionals against Tortious Interference with Contract Claims" (PDF)

"Defending Professionals against Tortious Interference with Contract Claims" was published in DRI's For the Defense magazine, January 2018.

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