Anthony Davis Quoted in The Law Society Gazette Regarding the Unwillingness of the U.S. to Discuss ABSs

October 8, 2013
The Law Society Gazette

Anthony E. Davis was quoted in an October 2013 issue of The Law Society Gazette in the article "IBA 2013: US Unwilling to Discuss ABSs, Says Insider."

The article discusses the future of law firms and rules preventing non-lawyers from owning law firms. The article goes further into discussing how the ABA and U.S. Government are very reluctant to make any changes on the rules. Anthony E. Davis, Andrew Perlman and Desmond Hudson offer their different insights about the quarrell.

Anthony E. Davis discusses his viewpoint on ABSs and notes how the U.S. could possibly lose much of the legal market to the United Kingdom, who has adopted the ABSs. Davis also says "New York state is proud to be walking back to the future with a blindfold on. It’s the fundamental objective of most state regulators to maintain a monopoly. As long as we are a self-regulated profession that idea of promoting competition is simply foreign. New York is very inhospitable to the idea of competition."

Read the full article, "IBA 2013: US Unwilling to Discuss ABSs, Says Insider," in The Law Society Gazette.

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