Hinshaw Hosts Reception for Incoming DePaul University College of Law Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea

June 1, 2015

On June 1, 2015, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP hosted an Installation Reception for DePaul University College of Law's Dean, Jennifer Rosato Perea. The Reception took place at Hinshaw's office at 222 North LaSalle Street in Chicago.

The Reception was comprised of many DePaul College of Law alumni as well as Hinshaw attorneys. The reception began with a few introductory words from Hinshaw Partner Daniel Trevino, and then Hinshaw's Former Chairman, Donald L. Mrozek spoke to reception attendees about the valuable relationship that Hinshaw has developed with DePaul University and the College of Law and how the relationship has been an instrumental component in developing a diverse yet strong attorney presence at the firm.

The Reception then concluded with Dean Jennifer Rosato Perea stating that she plans to continue developing the strong relationship that Hinshaw has with the DePaul and mentioned how it is imperative that there to be a minority presence in today's legal field.