Hinshaw and The Northern Trust Co-Host Equine Law & Estate Planning Event in Barrington, Illinois

August 19, 2010
Barrington, Illinois

Diane Webster, Yvonne Ocrant, and Stephen Frost, Chicago-based attorneys held an equine law event at Barrington Country Club that was co-sponsored by Hinshaw and Northern Trust. Their audience consisted primarily of Northern Trust’s high net worth contacts and Yvonne Ocrant’s contacts within the equine community. The audience was composed of about 40 high net worth individuals. Yvonne and Diane presented at the event and Steve provided a supporting role. The President and CEO of Northern Trust’s Midwest Region, David Blowers, attended the event along with five vice-presidents and two presenters. David Blowers made a special effort to attend the event, which underscored the value that The Northern assigned to the event, and he spoke highly of Yvonne and Hinshaw, which he regarded as a longstanding and very reputable firm. 

Diane gave an overview of Hinshaw, and its equine and estate planning services were fully explained to the audience. Yvonne presented on the subject of equine law and then answered questions from the audience for about 30 minutes. All of the Northern Trust participants were particularly impressed with Yvonne’s presentation, and she has already received emails from existing clients requesting additional legal services and from some new contacts requesting legal services for the first time. Diane, Yvonne and Steve have also received referrals to additional contacts who are interested in attending another event. This event greatly enhanced the firm’s reputation at Northern Trust and they are very excited about co-sponsoring another event with Hinshaw because of the positive feedback they received after the event.