The risks of compromising confidential client and/or attorney-client privileged information through the use of technology are growing exponentially, while at the same time legal professionals become ever more dependent on that same technology. Generally, the risks present themselves three ways: external sources (hackers);  limitations and vulnerabilities of electronic devices; and the way that lawyers actually store and transmit data.

The Lawyers for the Profession® group at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP has developed Cyber Alerts to help busy law firm general counsel and information technology departments provide fast and easy access to updates about important (often critical) developments relating to technology-based risks to all lawyers and their firms.

Our Cyber Alerts are easy to read and understand and address three components:

  • The nature of the new risks faced by law firms and their clients
  • A clear description of the new problem
  • A risk management solution (or at least a suggestion as to precautions that may be appropriate to address the new threat).

Cyber Alerts are designed so that they can easily be circulated around the law firm whenever the firm’s general counsel thinks a particular alert is relevant to his or her firm’s operation.

Cyber Alerts are available for a modest subscription fee. For more information, please contact Anthony E. Davis or Steven M. Puiszis

Click here to subscribe to Cyber Alerts.


Please note, by subscribing to this alert you and your firm are not entering into an attorney-client relationship with Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, which can only be done after going through our normal client intake and conflict review process and the execution of an agreed upon engagement letter.

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