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Toxic tort litigation is dynamic and expanding at a rapid rate. Plaintiffs' attorneys employ increasingly sophisticated means and methods to bring these lawsuits in jurisdictions all across the country. Toxic tort defense is therefore a high-stakes affair. As a result, it is essential that defendants in these cases employ advocates who can provide expertise and sophistication in dealing with such challenges.

Toxic Tort Experience

Hinshaw is a nationally recognized leader in the area of toxic tort defense. Our toxic tort attorneys aggressively defend toxic tort cases in state and federal courts throughout the United States. In an era in which many lawyers seldom go to court, we do so regularly. As a result, Hinshaw's clients are afforded the advantage of our extensive trial experience.

What is more, not only do our peers and opposing counsel recognize us as premier, experienced, and dedicated trial lawyers, but our familiarity with the inner workings of the many courts in which we practice enables us to mount defenses that take into account the unique qualities of each particular court. Our strong relationships with court staff and our ability to present a compelling case, together with our understanding of how to move a case through the system, can often make the difference between a favorable and an unfavorable result.


We serve as national, or regional, defense counsel for clients in chemical exposure litigation, indoor air quality and mold cases, pharmaceutical and vaccine cases, food additive litigation, welding rod cases, benzene exposure suits, silica cases, and asbestos litigation. Wherever a client may be sued, we can coordinate all discovery, amass the requisite scientific knowledge, prepare and defend corporate witnesses for depositions and trial, and provide a single point of contact for case handling, administration and billing.

Hinshaw has resources dedicated to some of the most litigious jurisdictions in the United States. The firm has offices in toxic tort hotspots such as Chicago, Madison County, Illinois, Louisiana, Florida, and California. We can therefore provide full-service legal counsel in these areas, and coast to coast, without resorting to third-party attorneys for support in highly specific and sometimes arcane areas of the law.

Asbestos Litigation

For more than 30 years, Hinshaw has actively defended clients in asbestos litigation, and advised those clients regarding compliance and asbestos management. We have tried many asbestos cases to verdict and represent a broad spectrum of clients in both personal injury and property damage asbestos claims in jurisdictions across the United States.


At Hinshaw, we recognize that each client affected by a toxic tort case faces unique challenges based upon its business and place within its industry. We also understand the special requirements and expectations of loss prevention managers, corporate risk specialists, corporate counsel and claims managers. Consequently, we promote the business we represent, its goals and its industry. Likewise, we routinely implement budgeting, communications and cost-containment criteria to satisfy the most demanding client.


  • Representation of a Fortune 500 company for more than 20 years in all of its toxic tort and environmental matters in the State of Illinois, including asbestos claims, bodily injury claims and property damage cases.
  • Representation of an alleged successor-in-interest to a manufacturer of asbestos cement, asbestos thermal insulating pipe covering, asbestos blocks and asbestos shingles.
  • Representation of manufacturers of construction and building products containing asbestos, such as asbestos cements, asbestos roofing and flooring compounds, acoustical tile and plaster, wall board, fireproofing, and thermal insulating pipe covering and block in both bodily injury and property damage cases.
  • Representation of industrial boiler manufacturers, and the distributors and manufacturers of refractory materials.
  • Representation of manufacturers of industrial products alleged to contain asbestos, such as pumps, valves and fans.
  • Acting as national coordinating counsel for an asbestos mine and mill; overseeing this client's litigated matters and claims throughout the United States.
  • Representation of a national retail sales company regarding the sales of products alleged to contain asbestos.
  • Representation of a manufacturer of mining and construction vehicles.
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