Minimizing exposure and managing risk—that's how Hinshaw helps.

Navigating the web of new and changing data privacy and cybersecurity laws is like wandering through a labyrinth, especially as the landscape changes while different jurisdictions and sectors adopt a patchwork of consumer protections.

Our attorneys work with clients to identify and anticipate risks and obligations, design and implement customized plans and policies, and proactively create and implement data incident response procedures. Our proactive approach encompasses a detailed assessment with practical guidance followed by a tailored response plan that minimizes risks, safeguards data, and reduces exposure to security incidents.

Our team is comprised of attorneys with backgrounds in techno-legal issues, digital forensics, cybercrime investigations, government and regulatory investigations, risk management, and litigation. Many also possess backgrounds in a full range of data-dependent and highly regulated industries, including the financial services, insurance, and health care sectors. We draw on our team's unique experience to help our clients understand the intersection of laws and technology, identify threats, and implement policies and compliance frameworks to satisfy best-practice standards, and minimize the risk of cybersecurity events.

We also track new data privacy and cybersecurity developments and trends in our Privacy & Cyber Bytes publication.

Hinshaw’s Data Privacy & Cybersecurity legal services include:

• Regulatory Compliance
• Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Risk Management
• Privacy Policies and Training
• Incident Response Planning
• Board Advisory
• Litigation Defense
• Cyber and Privacy Services for Insurance Companies

Hinshaw's Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team is dedicated to bringing you best practices and offering tips that we believe will be of value to any business, particularly those affected by cyber and data privacy regulations.

The arena of cyber and data privacy is a busy one. Below you will find highlighted content and our most recent posts.

Privacy Bill Essentials

Privacy Concept We are proud to feature a new series we're calling Privacy Bill Essentials that will help you quickly and easily identify the "need to know" information about newly proposed data privacy legislation.
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