The New Business Intake Solution (NBIS) from Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP and Project Leadership Associates (PLA) is a "made-to-order" system, which combines state-of-the-art information gathering, customized to each firm's special circumstances and needs, with a workflow process that enables you to make "real time" new business decisions (encompassing new clients and new matters for existing clients).

The NBIS enables you to: make timely and improved judgments; better protect your firm from both ethical and business conflicts as well as client suitability issues; align each intake with your firm's strategy; and reduce the time it takes to open matters.

"Going it alone" to automate new business intake procedures involves a huge investment in time, effort and money. By starting with a time-tested and proven solution, built on top of established technologies, you can reduce the drain on your intellectual capital, and internal firm resources, and get to a working new business intake/conflicts prototype at a fraction of the time and cost.

All firms have a distinct culture and a varying degree of tolerance for risk. Our NBIS is easily tailored to your needs and includes a personalized risk review by an industry recognized leader recently named one of the "Best Lawyers in America®" in the area of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law. Hinshaw has teamed with PLA, the leading and largest business and technology consulting provider focused on US-based law firms, to deliver this outstanding client selection and conflict management platform.

As part of the NBIS, Hinshaw and PLA will:

  • review the firm's existing client intake policies, procedures and forms;
  • meet with and advise appropriate members of the firm's management team, senior administrators and senior risk managers;
  • advise and assist the firm in developing a comprehensive set of model policies, procedures and forms for adoption by the firm in an integrated client selection and conflicts management digital platform for use throughout the firm;
  • work with the law firm to identify additional information that would be both useful and feasible for the firm to gather during the client and matter intake process;
  • build the intake forms to collect the critical and appropriate information relating to conflicts of interest and client and matter suitability generally and customize them for each of the firm's practice areas;
  • review the firm's existing structure for managing and overseeing client and matter intake, and consider what changes in that structure are desirable and feasible in order to enhance the firm's client and matter selection process;
  • work with the law firm to determine the appropriate workflows and approval structures and mechanisms for identifying and resolving conflicts of interest and client and matter suitability questions;
  • develop the reports and workflow processes that will best enable the firm to oversee and manage the new client and matter intake process;
  • test and deploy the custom designed platform and help train the firm's key staff members and in-house trainers to facilitate the roll-out, deployment and implementation of the NBIS.
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