Hinshaw has extensive, national experience in handling medical malpractice matters. With more than 50 attorneys specializing in this area, we are among a handful of law firms with considerable national depth in medical malpractice. We have successfully represented many large health systems, hospitals, physicians and physician groups, nurses, nurse midwives, chiropractors, dentists, mental health institutions, psychiatrists and psychologists, pathologists, osteopaths and nursing homes.

Our medical malpractice attorneys know intimately the dramatic changes that have swept over the U.S. health industry during the past decade or so. We understand that it is common for verdicts in this area to average $20 million. Given these large verdicts, we have adopted and continue to develop innovative practices for defending medical practice actions. We are well-connected with the best experts in the country who we team up with to get quality results for clients. Additionally, our clinically experienced nurse consultants assist us in building a strong technical and comprehensive defense.

We appreciate the extensive schooling and training medical professionals must undergo in order to cure and prevent disabilities and illnesses, save lives and improve outcomes. Medical professionals make a continuous investment in their skills and expertise so you can provide your patients with the highest quality care. We respect that your reputation is hard-earned, and of continuing value. Thus we seek to minimize the time our clients spend concerned about a case's effect on their reputation, so they can redirect it back to their medical practice and the people in their care.

The financial consequences to health organizations and medical professionals from professional liability claims can be enormous. Through the use of aggressive litigation tactics, or sound negotiations, we seek to minimize or eliminate the immediate and long-term economic effects of malpractice claims.

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