Eighth Annual General Counsel, Compliance and Risk Forum

May 15, 2017
Merchant Taylors' Hall, London

A group of Hinshaw lawyers will be presenting at The Eighth Annual General Counsel, Compliance and Risk Forum to be held May 15 – 16, 2017 at Merchant Taylors' Hall, London. Anthony Davis, a New York-based partner and member of the Lawyers for the Profession® practice group will serve as the conference co-chair, and Hinshaw partners Steven Puiszis, Janis Meyer and Sergio Acosta will present at various sessions throughout the forum. This year's forum will focus on key risk management issues for national and international law firms and is targeted at general counsel, COLPs, those responsible for professional liability and professional responsibility issues and those involved in law firm management.

Davis will kick-off the forum with introductory comments and later serve as chair during the session titled, "Catastrophic Risk: Learning From Law Firm Failures." The following afternoon, Puiszis will chair the session titled, "Tales From the Dark Web: Strategies to Mitigate Your Risk." The forum's penultimate session titled, "The Risk Management Implications of Law Firm Expansion," will be chaired by Meyer. The final session, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Protecting the Client's Position When Regulators, Law Enforcement or Other Authorities Come Knocking," will feature Hinshaw's Acosta on the panel.

For more information or to register, see the conference website at "The Eighth Annual General Counsel, Compliance and Risk Forum"