Each affinity network at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP plays a key role in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program by:

Additionally, the Women Attorneys Network (WAN) has developed the following mission statement:

Hinshaw is committed to creating and fostering an environment which contributes to the development and success of its women attorneys and enhances the visibility and recognition of women in leadership roles within the firm and in the legal profession. Our mission is to stimulate, nurture, and encourage a firm culture focused on the recruitment, development, promotion and retention of qualified women attorneys. WAN is committed to providing resources to assist our women lawyers develop and expand client relationships and connect with one another to share opportunities for personal advancement in our careers and in the community.


The national WAN group is Co-Chaired by:

Kathleen Kelly, Mollie Kugler, and Ibi Davis-Ossuetta with support from:

Regional Coordinators

Heather LaSalle Alexis, Brette Bensinger, Anne Couyoumjian, Sherry Harlan, Leonor Lagomasino, Hale Yazicioglu Lake, Heather McArn, Jill Mendelsohn, Amee Mikacich, Annie Santos, and Olga Simanovsky

Sub-Committee Members

Alyssa Aquino, Ameneh Ernst, Blair Keltner, Connie Mayer, and Anju Suresh