At Hinshaw, we are unwavering in our desire to conduct business in an environmentally sustainable way. We want to play an integral role in the conserving of our Earth's resources. With the help of our employees, clients, vendors and other partners, our efforts have been paying off in substantial ways. However, we are always striving to find new ways to green our business.

Hinshaw is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by focusing on the following objectives:

Reduction of waste: Hinshaw has a comprehensive recycling program, which includes recycling of paper, cans, bottles and batteries. In the 18 months from January 2011 to June 2012, we saved almost 2,500 trees from the recycling efforts in our Chicago office alone. We also recycle and/or reuse old moving/file boxes, and our Information Technology department manages a program for recycling all old electronic equipment. When looking at office space we try to use existing conditions such as walls, lighting and ceiling tiles to limit the amount of demolition, thus reducing the amount of debris that goes into a land-fill. An additional initiative to reduce waste includes the installation of cold water filtered taps to decrease the amount of bottled water purchased.

Reduction of energy: We have dramatically decreased our energy consumption in our offices nationwide by installing motion sensors and timers; upgrading lighting fixtures, ballasts and lamps; optimizing building systems; and installing new mechanical equipment. Electronic equipment automatically enters into power-saving modes.

Reduction of travel: Hinshaw has installed sophisticated videoconferencing equipment to cut down on the need for lawyers to travel between offices. We also encourage our employees to use public transportation by offering incentives for those that do.

Purchasing decisions: Our purchasing department considers our environmental initiatives when making every purchasing decision. For example, we recently stopped buying Styrofoam cups and now purchase paper instead. We also use finishes, such as carpet and wallcoverings, containing recycled content. We also give priority to manufactures that incorporate green initiatives into their products.

Education: We don't want our employees' commitment to the environment to end at five o'clock. To that end, when developing new Hinshaw-wide initiatives, we point out ways that our employees can make environmental changes in their personal lives. In addition, our employees regularly suggest ways Hinshaw can improve its environmental standing.