Yvonne Ocrant Writes Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Column on Equine Liability Law

May 31, 2017

Yvonne Ocrant — the Chicago-based leader of the Equine Law Practice at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP — authored a column titled "Equine liability law keeps dangerous sport in stride" published by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. In her article, Ocrant reviews the dangers associated with the sport of horse riding and the application of the Illinois Equine Activity Liability Act to these risks.

"Equine activities," Ocrant explained, "are promoted by delineating responsibility of the risk onto the participant." She goes on to address the intricacies of the Illinois Equine Activity Liability Act including: who the Act protects; who is a participant engaged in an equine activity; and the assumed inherent risks of engaging in equine activities. Ocrant cautions that the Act does not completely shield everyone in any circumstance from liability, but adds that clients can minimize their risk of liability exposure by understanding the applicable law's liability protections and exceptions, as well as utilizing effective and enforceable equine activity liability releases permitted under the Act.

Read "Equine liability law keeps dangerous sport in stride" on the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin website (subscription required)

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