Russell Klingaman Quoted in Capital Times Article on the "Legal Gray Area" Involving Drones

November 11, 2015

Russell A. Klingaman, a Milwaukee-based partner of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, was quoted several times in an article in The Capital Times titled, "BZZZZZZZ! Drones Are Showing up in the Air Over Wisconsin, Flying Into a Legal Gray Area." The article, published on November 11, 2015, discusses the history of, and fast-expanding markets for drones. Mr. Klingaman addresses existing and evolving laws regarding the commercial and recreational use of drones. Commenting on the ongoing Federal Aviation Administration rulemaking process, Mr. Klingaman says, "There’s incredible lobbying behind the scenes. . . . We've got to find a way to make sure that people who buy drones are educated." Mr. Klingaman also emphasizes the need for a registration process to help identify people who lose control of their drones. He noted, "[i]f someone flies a drone into the windshield of a semi-tractor trailer . . . it would be nice to find out who owns that [drone]."

Read the full article, "BZZZZZZZ! Drones Are Showing up in the Air Over Wisconsin, Flying Into a Legal Gray Area" in The Capital Times.

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